Our honey range was created with love for life, honey, desserts, healthy yet indulgent treats, appreciation of the nature and artisanal produce. Our honey is carefully whipped, infused with top quality freeze dried fruit, each jar is hand bottled and our beautiful jars are re-usable and recyclable. Happy B. whipped infused honey can be stored in the pantry, keep up to one year (if it’s only can last that long!). During the storage it could develop crystals, just put the jar in the warm water to melt it out and stir the contents to bring all flavours back together.  

100% gluten and dairy free, contains honey and highly addictive! 

To place the order please visit our store or see us at the markets we attending (follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see where you can meet Happy B. in person)

Our main flavours:

Vanilla and coconut
Raspberry and strawberry
Blood orange
Passionfruit and mango


 Happy B. | Group PTY LTD 2017 info@happyb.com.au